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5C-3011I WATCH belongs to the category of s/68 htm.
It is sleek in design and its glitzy look is sufficient to
bedazzle you. It has the look of a metal bangle. Tiny
stones studded in its metal body make it more of a siren
call to you if you value fashion and style. The design
made on the watch screen is going to produce a ‘feel-
good’ kind of impression on your mind. The best part of
this attractive
wholesale fashion jewelry is that you do
not have to bother too much of strapping it up.  5C
-30111 WATCH slips in and out of your hand smoothly.
One part of this bangle shaped watch is open, so as to
let you slip your wrist easily into it. This saves your time
especially when you are in a hurry. This is a truly sizzling
accessory with a silver colored active wear. Other
wholesale apparel available in the same store make a
suitable match for this stylish watch, for example are
jackets.  You can try these options to go with it - QR8-
71151 BROWN, QR2-7032 BLACK, PR2-7032 WHITE,
PR5-CH10350 BEIGE, QR-807 PINK, MR5-1015
BLACK, and PR-IM1014 BLACK etc. For your
information these are all exciting varieties from
wholesale fashion jewelry.

5C-3011I WATCH is a package of 5 scintillating pieces
that would grab everyone’s gaze unfailingly. The unit
price of each of these items is $8.50. Based on this, the
entire package of 5 fascinating pieces would cost you
only a meager amount of $42.50. It is truly meant to
make you look like a damsel. You can be the cause of
real envy among your peers, colleagues and relations.    
A Thing Of  Beauty And  A Real Joy For Ever
Watches seem to take a place of pride as they complete your business apparel.  Especially tailor made
designer watches are inseparable part of the wholesale fashion jewelry from the house of wholesale
fashion square. Wholesale Fashion Square is proud to present a stimulating watch that would satiate your
thirst for one very important thing – STYLE. Like all other
wholesale jewelry in their stock, for example
bracelets, necklaces, ear rings, rings, anklets, toe rings, watches occupy a proud place. Though a very tiny
part of a complete dressage, watches do make a lot of style statement.  5C-3011I WATCH is especially
made keeping in view the style quotient of fashionable ladies.  
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