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7A-ACQB2072-Turquoise Bead W/Horseshoe Charm
Bracelet is a fine accompaniment for any of the party
wear that you would don to attend a social event. It can
be an added charm with business apparel when you
make a move for a business meeting or even for active
wear.  If you are wearing a
wholesale apparel like –plus
sizes, sleeve less or short length jackets, stylish
sweaters it would simply be an awesome fit with them.

Some suggestions regarding robes accompanying this
small beauty-  KW1-1586 IVORY, KW1-1586 TAN,
KW3-Z0080 GREEN, A5-5454 CHARCOAL, A2-
5454PL PURPLE, A5-5454 PURPLE, A2-5454PL
BLACK, T2-D1415, 05-T5473PL, P5-T5473 TEAL, U6-
T9908 BLACK/GOLD, KW2 –CD2039 ETC. Wholesale
Fashion Square flaunts all these variations that would
furnish the watch with worthy companions.

The most fascinating part of this unique piece is
obviously the elements which are used in its make. The
Turquoise Beads which are engraved in this bracelet
does produce an awesome feel in your mind. What
comes as an extra edge with this bracelet is the horse
shoe charm which is attached with it. The crystals
studded on the surface of this horse shoe charm make it
more adorable. It really looks like roping in some good
time for you being your personal lucky mascot.

The set of 7A-ACQB2072-Turquoise Bead
W/Horseshoe Charm Bracelet comprises of 12 very
charming pieces. All of them are simply scintillating. The
unit price of each of them is $4.25. The complete
package of 12 pieces would cost you $51.00. You can
grab it and just plunge into a mission of setting the
surrounding on fire.   
Turquoise Bead W/Horseshoe Charm Bracelet
Wholesale Fashion Square is about to rope in a charming and sweet revolution in the ever changing world
of wholesale jewelry.  The site has always been associated with the presentation of the most exquisite
forms of wholesale jewelry, wholesale apparel or
wholesale clothes.  A new wonder has been recently
added to their hall of fame in wholesale jewelry. It is 7A-A CQB2072 –Turquoise Bead W/Horseshoe
Charm Bracelet.

7A-ACQB2072-Turquoise Bead W/Horseshoe Charm Bracelet is a unique presentation from the house of
wholesale fashion square. This amazing product is truly an exquisite example of
wholesale fashion jewelry.  
When you wear it, it becomes part of your personality. It is obviously a perfect combination of elegance and
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